Advanced Rider Development Program

MiniGP is now offering the Advanced Rider Development Program (ARDP) at all of our practice days.  Here at MiniGP, we've been able to successfully build a program where riders of all ages can shed the nervousness caused by extreme speeds, heavy, expensive motorcycles and too much horsepower.  We put riders in the position to be able to focus solely on their ability to understand and thus control motorcycles of all shapes and sizes.  Our 4 building blocks have proven successful at the highest levels time and time again.  Once a rider grasps a solid MiniGP foundation, speed can be applied exponentially.  Come find out what those building blocks are and how to apply them to your next ride. 

Included in ARDP if purchased during a practice day event.

1.  One on One Coaching in small group setting
2. Off-track and On-track drills
3.  Bike/Tire setup help
4.  MiniGP Foundation blocks explanation
5.  Lap time tracking thru out the day
6.  Video lap to take home
7.  Plus more...