Date: 08/28/2021
Type: Practice Day #5
Park: Pineview Run Auto & Country Club
Circuit: Pineview Run Road Course
Non-Member Single Class $125.00
Non-Member Multi Class $150.00
Member Single Class $90.00
Member Multi Class $115.00
* Multi-Class: Maximum 4

Typical Practice Day Schedule

7:00am        Gates Open
7:30am        Registration & Tech Inspection Opens 
8:30am        Mandatory Riders Meeting 
9:00am        Practice rotations begin 
9:00am         Supermini, Spec230, GPLite Combined Practice
9:10am         Arai Spec 50 Practice
9:20am         F1, F2, GP120 Combined Practice
9:30am         Kenda Spec 110 Practice 
9:40am       40+ Stock125, Stock125 Combined Practice
9:50am        Minigp Pro Practice
10:00am        Motard, GP Premier, SS300 Combined Practice
10:10am        GP110 Practice
10:20am       Practice rotations begin 
10:20am        Supermini, Spec230, GPLite Combined Practice
10:30am        Arai Spec 50 Practice
10:40am        F1, F2, GP120 Combined Practice
10:50am        Kenda Spec 110 Practice 
11:00am        40+ Stock125, Stock125 Combined Practice
11:10am        Minigp Pro Practice
11:20am        Motard, GP Premier, SS300 Combined Practice
11:30am        GP110 Practice
11:40am       Practice rotations begin
11:40am        Supermini, Spec230, GPLite Combined Practice
11:50am        Arai Spec 50 Practice
12:00pm        F1, F2, GP120 Combined Practice
12:10pm        Kenda Spec 110 Practice 
12:20pm        40+ Stock125, Stock125 Combined Practice
12:30pm        Minigp Pro Practice
12:40pm        Motard, GP Premier, SS300 Combined Practice
12:50pm        GP110 Practice
1:00pm - 2:00 Lunch - no one on track
2:00pm      Rotation begins again
2:00pm        Supermini, Spec230, GPLite Combined Practice
2:10pm        Arai Spec 50 Practice
2:20pm        F1, F2, GP120 Combined Practice
2:30pm        Kenda Spec 110 Practice 
2:40pm        40+ Stock125, Stock125 Combined Practice
2:50pm        Minigp Pro Practice
3:00pm        Motard, GP Premier, SS300 Combined Practice
3:10pm        GP110 Practice
3:20pm      Rotation begins again
3:20pm        Supermini, Spec230, GPLite Combined Practice
3:30pm        Arai Spec 50 Practice
3:40pm        F1, F2, GP120 Combined Practice
3:50pm        Kenda Spec 110 Practice 
4:00pm        40+ Stock125, Stock125 Combined Practice
4:10pm        Minigp Pro Practice
4:20pm        Motard, GP Premier, SS300 Combined Practice
4:30pm        GP110 Practice
4:40pm      Rotation begins again if time allows, if day is running behind this rotation may not be run and day will be over.
4:40pm        Supermini, Spec230, GPLite Combined Practice
4:50pm        Arai Spec 50 Practice
5:00pm        F1, F2, GP120 Combined Practice
5:10pm        Kenda Spec 110 Practice 
5:20pm        40+ Stock125, Stock125 Combined Practice
5:30pm        Minigp Pro Practice
5:40pm        Motard, GP Premier, SS300 Combined Practice
5:50pm        GP110 Practice
6:00pm      Day Ends..

Tel: 315-960-2566

Pineview Run Road Course

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