12 Hour Endurance Info

12 Hour Endurance Info

Practice in the morning. Race all afternoon. It’s a team effort so team up with your family and friends for a great day of riding.

Your Team may contest any of the Endurance Race Classes.

See Race Classes for Bike Requirements.

Mandatory Racers Meeting on Hot Pit prior to the race start. If you miss the riders meeting you will not be allowed on track. This meeting is for everyone’s safety!

All assessed penalties are 2 lap deductions.

No Maximum riders per team
Minimum 4 riders per team
Maximum 2 bikes per team

Pit lane Speed

- Pit lane speeds are 1st gear roll (approx. 5mph) If you can run faster than your riding, you’re going too fast

Pit Lane Passing

- No passing on Pit Lane. Single file only, regardless of how fast the bike is going in front of you.

Failing to pit in at the checkered flag.

- All racers must pit in at each checkered flag. It is your responsibility to pay attention to the race and all flagging stations. You must cross the Start/Finish in order to receive the checkered flag and pit in.

Cutting the Track

- No cutting the track or cutting the curbing for any reason, especially to make a pass.


- Rider must be off the bike and bike must be off.


- In the event of a crash rendering the motorcycle unrideable the transponder and motorcycle must make it back to pit lane without crossing the track surface in order for the team to continue the race on their second motorcycle. If the motorcycle is deemed unmovable, special considerations will be made. No tossing of the transponder across track.

Rider Change

- No Mandatory Rider Changes

Rough Riding

- MiniGP will not tolerate blatant, overly aggressive riding/passing.