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Check Out the 2014 Schedule

The 2014 NJMiniGP Schedule is set.

We are introducing a couple of new Race Classes:

  • For our young racers, we now have The 50 Cup in addition to the MiniGP Class.
  • For adult racers, we’ve introduced the Grom Spec Class, which should develop into a premier class as the Grom becomes more available.

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What do we have for beginners?

NJ MiniGP offers a safe, affordable start for your whole family to get into motorcycle racing. Ride almost any small displacement motorcycle and have fun doing it. Progress at your own pace all the way up to racing speed in a non-threatening atmosphere. We have a highly experienced coaching staff ready to guide you through any corner on multiple tracks and configurations. Get ready to spend a full weekend at each event complete with after hours games, cookouts and camping. Camping isn’t required but it sure is a nice perk.

MiniGP Class

  • Gives your kids aged 5 to 17 the chance to practice with their friends, get help, and compete.
  • No racing experience required, and the bikes are smaller in this class to keep things under control.
  • Our coaching staff determines when they are ready to move up, and eventually they will graduate to the race series.
  • Further instruction can be arranged if desired.
  • NJ MiniGP coaches can take your superstar to the top of the podium if that’s where they want to be.

Check the Rulebook for details.

Standard Race Classes

  • On race days, you will not feel out of place either.
  • The classes are designed for racers to “run what you brung”.
  • Classes for all different bike types and the freedom to ride as quickly as you are comfortable.
  • On race days, anyone over the age of 17 (and those under 17 but approved by NJ MiniGP staff) can register and race in any class their bikes allow.
  • Our coaching staff will determine when you’re on top of your game and ready to race.
  • You are here to have a good time, and NJ MiniGP will not disappoint.

Check the Rulebook for details.

What do we have for experts?

For you self-proclaimed “Experts” Let’s see what you got! There’s more knock down drag out racing here than you can handle, we guarantee it! You’ll be laughing out loud in your helmet right into turn one.

  • Classes ranging from tricked out little CRF50’s all the way up to 450cc killer motards.
  • We provide sound advice backed by track experience to help you get your road race mini ready for competition.
  • But the bike is only 20% of the equation; you’ve got to pray to the mini racing gods just to place at NJ MiniGP.
  • As seen by last year’s attendance, lap times need to be supersonic and consistent just to stay in the hunt.
  • Competition is heavy and class displacement rules are enforced.
  • Come prepared to have the time of your life, and attend as many practice days as possible – your competition will.
  • The experience you gain from racing minis will translate into faster lap times on your full sized bikes.
  • Your buddies will wonder who you’ve been training with.
  • If you think your fast, get on a mini and find out.

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4-Hour Endurance Series

The 4-Hour Team Endurance Races consist of 2- to 4-Rider teams in 4-Hour Races. Practice in the morning. Race all afternoon. It’s a team effort so team up with your family and friends for a great day of riding.

Your Team may contest any of the three Race Classes: F2 Class, “Outlaw” Class, or Stock 100. See Race Classes for Bike Requirements.

  • $80 per Rider ($65 plus $15 pit pass)

  • 2 to 4 Riders per Team

  • At least 1 Rider on each team must be an NJ MiniGP Member

  • Maximum of 2 Bikes per Team

  • Mandatory rider change every half hour

  • Bike must be entirely in pit stall prior to second bike leaving

  • Bikes MUST BE OFF while re-fueling

  • One Transponder per Team

  • Enter any of 3 Race Classes: F2, Outlaw, and Stock 100. See Race Classes for Bike Requirements.

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THANK YOU Arai Direct

Arai Direct F2 Class

THANK YOU American Supercamp

American Supercamp XR100 Spec Class

THANK YOU Team Pro Motion

Team Pro Motion SuperMini Class

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Going BIG Starts Small. Your support of NJ MiniGP helps us bring the amazing sport of roadracing to the public. Contact us or download the Sponsorship Form to learn how to become an NJ MiniGP Sponsor.

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Membership/Trackday Fees:

  • $20 for daily membership
  • $99 for annual membership
  • Additional immediate family member can be signed up at the same time for the heavily discounted rate of $40
  • $65 track fee for practice days
  • $65 race fee for 1st race class
  • $15 race fee for 2nd race class
  • $10 race fee for each additional race class
  • 4HR Endurance races will be $80 per rider. Register Early! Max 20 teams!

Honda NSR Rental:

  • $125 daily rental fee, plus
  • $50 refundable damage deposit
  • Inquire about our private 4 man NSR rental race for $99

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