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3-Day Camp

Spec 50 Endurance

Mini GP

  • Ages 5-17 with little to no track riding experience 
  • Bikes limited to: 
    • 50cc 2 stroke 
    • 110cc 4 stroke

Mini GP 50-spec (50 Cup)

  • Ages 5-17 with little to no track riding experience
  • Bikes limited to:
    • Honda CRF 50 and Yamaha TTR 50
    • No Engine Mods
    • Controls may be changed
    • Suspension internals may be changed
    • Spokets and chain may be changed

MiniGP 110-spec

  • Ages 5-17 with little to no track riding experience
  • Bikes limited to:
    • Honda CRF110, Kawasaki KLX110, Suzuki DRZ110 and Yamaha TTR110
    • No Engine Modifications Allowed
    • Wheels may be changed to 12”
    • Controls may be changed
    • Suspension internals may be changed
    • Sprockets and chain may be changed

Grom spec

  • Ages 17 and Up (under 17 requires coach endorsement)
  • Bikes limited to: 
    • Honda Grom (MSX125) 
    • No Engine Mods
    • Tires, Controls & Suspension Mods only 
    • More info to come…


  • Ages 17 and Up (under 17 requires coach endorsement)
  • Wheel sizes may vary. 
  • Bikes limited to:
    • 63cc 2 stroke 
    • 125cc 4 stroke (horizontal) 
    • 120cc 4 stroke (vertical) 
    • Late Model TTR/DRZ/KLX 125 bikes, Big- or Small-wheel versions, ARE allowed in this class provided they run stock internal engine components and do not exceed their stock displacement limits. 
    • No Kit Bikes Allowed.


  • Ages 17 and Up (under 17 requires coach endorsement)
  • Bike types no larger than: 
    • 72cc 2 stroke 
    • 150cc air cooled 4 stroke 
    • 130cc liquid cooled 4 stroke

Super Mini

  • Ages 17 and Up (under 17 requires coach endorsement) 
  • Bike Types no larger than: 
    • 105cc 2 stroke 
    • 190cc air cooled 4 stroke 
    • 150cc liquid cooled 4 stroke


  • Ages 15 and Up (under 15 requires coach endorsement)
  • Bike must be a stock Honda NSR50 or NSF100
  • Only suspension and brake modifications allowed

Stock CRF100, TTR/DRZ/KLX125

  • Ages 17 and Up (under 17 requires coach endorsement) 
  • Honda XR100/CRF100 (1981 to Present): STOCK Brakes, Exhaust, and Carb required. NO MODS except front wheel and tires. 
  • Modifications other than those listed below are “NOT” allowed and deemed “Illegal” 
  • Motorcycles must be STOCK Honda XR100/CRF100F 1981 to present, Late Model STOCK TTR/DRZ/KLX 125’s. No 17″ Wheel versions. 
  • Stock OEM complete exhaust system must be used and unmodified. 3-bolt slip-in Baffle may NOT be removed. Spark arrestor screen not required. 
  • Stock OEM air box, complete and intact, must be used Stock OEM air filter or any aftermarket direct replacement part. Must fit in stock location with NO modification. 
  • Stock OEM carb must be used and unmodified. Jets/needle may be changed. 
  • Stock intake manifold must be used and unmodified. 
  • Shift lever may be changed. 
  • Clutch lever and front brake lever may be changed. 
  • Brake likes front and rear must remain stock and unmodified. 
  • Handlebars may be changed. Drop/Clubman-style bars may NOT be used. Clip-ons may NOT be used. 
  • Grips may be changed. 
  • Spark plug may be changed. 
  • Honda CRF100’s may change front wheel to 16″ OEM XR80 front. TTR/DRZ/KLX bikes must run the Stock 19″ front wheel – No 17″ Wheels. 
  • OEM Rear Wheels must be used. 
  • Any Road tires may be used. 
  • Stock OEM Front forks, Internals may be changed. 
  • Stock OEM rear shock, spring may be changed. 
  • Front and rear sprockets may be changed. Must run OEM size chain. 
  • Clutch plates and springs may be changed. 
  • 0.25mm & 0.50mm OEM overbore pistons may be used – Compression Ratios must remain unchanged form stock. 
  • Aftermarket Skid Plates are allowed. 
  • Aftermarket Hand Guards/Barkbusters are allowed and recommended. 
  • Removal of Kick Stands allowed and recommended for safety.

Super Moto

  • Must be 17 yrs old or older 
  • Bikes no smaller than: 
    • 249 cc 4-stroke 
    • No road race chassis allowed


NJ MiniGP Endurance Races will include 3 different Race Classes— Stock 100 Class, Stock 150 Class, F2 Class, and Outlaw Bikes —with 1st Place, 2nd Place and 3rd Place awards for EACH class. F2 and Stock 100 bikes must conform to the rules listed above. “Outlaw” bikes are "Big Bore Machines that started life as a CRF150F". NJ MiniGP Officials will determine whether or not entries are F2 Class legal or Outlaw.

We will be holding very firm on engine displacements of 150cc air cooled four stroke, 130cc liquid cooled four stroke, and 72cc two stroke for the F2 class. We need to adhere to this rule structure for many different reasons. If there are any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact us at Also, subscribe to the newsletter which will have important information regarding the series each month.

  • 2 to 4 Riders per Team 
  • At least 1 Rider on each team must be an NJ MiniGP Member 
  • Maximum of 2 Bikes per Team 
  • Mandatory rider change every half hour 
  • Bike must be entirely in pit stall prior to second bike leaving 
  • Bikes MUST BE OFF while re-fueling 
  • One Transponder per Team 
  • Enter any of 4 Race Classes: F2, Outlaw, Stock 100 and Stock 150.